Ten high school basketball teams from around the country gathered at the Roanoke Baptist School to participate in the eleventh annual Blazer Classic Basketball Tournament.

The Bobcats from Norwood, Missouri won the championship by two points in overtime against High Street Baptist from Columbus, Ohio.

The gym was electrified with excitement in the playoff for third place between the Blazers from Roanoke and the Chargers of Three Rivers Baptist School. This was the fourth meeting of the two teams this season with the Chargers holding a two-game-to-one edge over the Blazers. With three seconds remaining, the Blazers were down by three points. Michael Croy let go of a long shot near the edge of the court. It looked off line but banked in off the backboard to send the game into overtime It was nip and tuck all the way but the Blazers were up by two at the buzzer to capture third place.

The Blazers will close out their season in a multi-state tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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