Noted outdoor writer and television personality, Ron Schara will be speaking for the annual fundraising banquet to benefit the Sheets Wildlife Museum.


Schara does the national television program, “Backroads with Ron and Raven,” which has consistently ranked as one of the highest rated productions on the Outdoor Life Network. This Emmy-winning sportsman also hosts “The Outdoor Beat” on ESPN 2 and serves as the national spokesman for the Gander Mountain sporting goods store. Once Schara earned his degrees in journalism and wildlife biology, he has spent nearly three decades writing for newspapers and magazines, as well as, hosting radio and television programs.

At the banquet, Schara will show some footage of wildlife, with special emphasis on hunting and the need to preserve the right to hunt. Additional fundraising activities will include raffles, bingo, live and silent auctions. Some of the items sold by auction will be decorative decoys and various Wild Wings nature prints. Featured pieces are expected to include a Bantam Mossburg Junior 20-gauge pump gun, 12-gauge and 28-gauge Mossburg Silver Anniversary over-and-under shotguns, and a Henry Golden Boy 17-caliber rifle.

All proceeds from the evening will enhance outreach of the Sheets Wildlife Museum, which showcases nearly 200 fish and animals taken from around the world by lifelong Huntington County resident, Sumner B. Sheets.

A priority of the museum is education concerning the role of hunters and fishermen in promoting wildlife conservation. Sportspersons accomplish that through spending for licenses and equipment. Many also support a variety of organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, The Wild Turkey Federation, and Pheasants Forever.

In addition to the handouts and displays, wildlife conservation is promoted through an annual conservation scholarship, which is to be awarded for the first time this month.

Teachers interested in class tours can acquire fact sheets and state-standard lesson plans at various grade levels for specific fish or animals in the exhibit. These materials were prepared by education majors at Huntington University as a part of their curriculum requirements.

The event is Saturday, September 9 in the USA Auction building, across Safari Trail from the museum at US 24 West and Rangeline Road. For details about the banquet tickets, the conservation scholarship or a museum visit, call (260) 356-WILD (9453). Hours of operation are Tuesdays through Saturdays, 9:00AM-5:00PM.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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