Ooooooooohhhhhh I finally cooled down from the hot summer. I didn’t think it was ever going to get cool enough so Wayne and I could try another restaurant. It’s been so hot we even put the window air conditioners in this year. I guess Wayne got tired of seein’ me runnin’ around with nothing on but my thong. Well, I think it saved a lot on the laundry…having to change my clothes 2 or 3 times a day, by golly, the laundry was really starting to pile up. One day my housework-challenged tubby hubby decided to help me out. Wayne said he was gonna wash his sweatshirt getting’ it ready for fall steelhead fishing. He yells upstairs to me, “What setting do I use on the washer?” I said, “It depends.” “What does it say on your shirt?” He yells back, “Indiana University!”

Well anyway, we’ve been mostly eating out of our garden. The tomatoes that Wayne planted for me were a little slow and kinda small. A lot like Wayne sometimes when it’s too hot to do anything. But, the tomatoes that Wayne didn’t plant, and came up in the flower garden, did great! And were they good. We’ve been eatin’ tomatoes till the cows come home. We put them in our omelettes in the morning, and on our BLT sandwiches for lunch, and as a side dish for supper. And sometimes we would just eat them as a snack right out of the garden.

Another great food this summer was the sweet corn. It was the bestest I’ve had in a long time. We usually go over to that little vegetable farm over there by Elmhurst High School—Hardy’s Farm Market on Knoll Road. We saw the ad in The Waynedale News a few years ago and now we go back every year. I think that they have the best sweet corn in the country! We just stood right there in the shed and shucked our corn, and didn’t have to take the mess home. That was great. When we got home, we would throw the corn in a big pot of water with vinegar and a little sugar in it, cook it and then eat. No mess—-except for the little ol’ Wayner of course. Oh baby, you better watch out ’cause when he starts eatin’ sweetcorn it just starts flyin’ in every direction. Many times this summer we ate outside, that way when it came to cleanin’ up Wayne, since he was already stripped down to his whitie-tighties from the hot weather, I would simply turn on the garden hose and wash him off.

Wayne and I are not that much on eating out in the summertime . . . but sometimes we celebrate a little.

Wayne picked up this magazine called Fort Wayne. I know why he picked it up…it had a picture of Melissa Long in it. He just adores her! Can’t wait to watch her on 21Alive news. Well anyway, this issue had an article called the Dynamic Duos of 2005 and Melissa and her husband David were one of the featured duos. Did you know that Senator David Long was a former national park ranger? I didn’t.

After Wayne got through drooling over Melissa, he said pick out a Fort Fun Favorite Food spot. I said, “Wayne let’s try this one,” as I pointed to another article in Fort Wayne called Summit City Flavor. It was about Shopoff’s. A little restaurant located a bit outside of Waynedale but well worth the trip.

Wayne headed down Lower Huntington Road toward Hwy. 24. When we reached the end of Lower Huntington Road we didn’t know if we should turn right or left onto 24. We went left and should’ve gone right. So you might say we took the scenic route to Shopoff’s.

We walked in and immediately the hostess came over to seat us. We heard this yelling in the kitchen. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to eat here, we thought to ourselves. It sounded like the cook was really mad. Our waitress informed us that that was Bobby-the owner and that is how he lets the waitresses know that their order is ready.

After we ordered our cocktails, the waitress brought us a menu. And wouldn’t you know it Wayne forgot his glasses. Again! I think that he forgets them on purpose, just so that he can get one of those cute waitresses to lean over and get a bit closer to him. Well, this time I jokingly said, “Wayne forgot his glasses. Do you have any glasses?” She left and low and behold she came back with a pair of glasses. Wow! Now that is service! What are you gonna do now Wayne?

The article on Shopoff’s said, “choice custom-cut steaks” was their specialty. That’s what I thought caught Wayne’s eye. He loves a good steak. But, ohhhhhhhhh noooooo, we go to a steak restaurant and does Wayne order steak? Not really. He ordered some kind of shrimp ka bob! I ordered the filet, after asking Bobby Shopoff, owner/cook what he would suggest. He told us, as he stood there in his shorts and hairy legs, that he creates his own sauces for the steaks and a special lemony sauce for fish. “It is all good.” He said he used to work at a restaurant in the Waynedale area called Ted and Tom’s South (now Lambro’s) and that he also learned a lot about the restaurant business from Don Hall’s Gas House where he was assistant manager and Gary Probst from Casa D’Angelo’s.

Our salads came shortly after ordering with a nice warm loaf of bread. Then came my steak. I will tell you it was to die for. It just melted in my mouth! I didn’t even need a knife to cut it—it was so tender and juicy. Wayne said that his shrimp-ka-bob was good too. We can’t wait to go back.

In addition to the steaks and shrimp Shopoff’s serves a variety of seafood, chicken, pork chops, and, homemade soups and sandwiches. You can eat lunch or dinner at Shopoff’s.

We’re headin’ for a wedding this weekend. Wayne just pulled out his two-piece pin-striped suit from the closet and said it needed some cleanin’ up. He remembers the last time he wore that suit

… he mumbled something about a “hog-trough” dance. Well, off to Sparkle Cleaners I go.

Till next time, taaaa taaaaah.

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