Oooooooohhh I just have to tell you I’m back. Wayne and I went south again. We’re looking for someplace to retire to where it’s warm the year ’round and we can sunbathe au natural. I think it looks tacky to have to put on a sweater to keep your shoulders warm when strolling the beach barefoot up to your chins. We do have matching cardigans so it isn’t too bad. At least we have a pocket to carry our car keys.

We had such a lovely time where we went. I’m tan all over. I don’t have any tan lines but there is a slight difference in color where my thong line is and that wouldn’t have been there but they frown on anyone going au natural anywhere but on a free beach. Wayne thinks everyone in the world should go naked. You know, how could anyone carry a gun, or knife, or bomb without being noticed. And those airline strip searches would be almost eliminated, except for people like Wayne who has a hip replacement. There wouldn’t be any assaults, armed robberies, terrorist attacks, or any of that kind of stuff.

Oooooohhhh I just have to tell you where we went to eat the other night when we returned. I was so excited. It was a little bit further than we usually venture out to, but I’ll tell you it was worth it. We had to go that way anyway and stop at Lowe’s to check out their cushions for our patio furniture. You know Lowe’s has the best people out there working. A lot of young people and they are all so friendly and ohhhh so helpful.

Anyway, Buffalo Wings and Ribs, located in “The Village of Times Corners” on West Jefferson Blvd., is where we wet our appetites. Jess, our waitress, told us that they were famous for their wings. Wayne forgot his glasses, AGAIN! But that dear little waitress was so helpful she walked Wayne right through the menu. He may be catching that Alzheimer’s disease. Or maybe he’s just looking for attention from a cute and friendly waitress. We had a dog like that once. When we left him alone, he would chew up everything in sight until someone came home. And that is why I usually try to keep Wayne on the inside of the booth to protect the waitress from any nibbling or chewing that he might do. That cute little puppy!

We ordered the wings, like Jess suggested. Wayne the hot, to make your eyes water hot, and mine the mild. Wayne likes everything hot! Especially his…well I won’t get into that right now. Maybe another time. Wayne ordered the size that best fits his…appetite-EXTRA LARGE. And I ordered the small 10-piece, just right for my lighter appetite. It didn’t take too long and Jess was back with the start of our order. Drinks and frys. And did you know, they have available vinegar and salt, just the way we like to season our fries. Then came the “wings that made them famous.” I tell you, they are the best! Meaty and ooooohhh so good. There was plenty of the juicy Buffalo wings, crispy curly fries and drinks for me, even though I had to nibble on Wayne. Wayne’s hot wings that is. I like to nibble on anything that Wayne has. I usually do it when he isn’t looking. I let him nibble on mine whenever he wants to. I think he knows when I do his but just doesn’t say anything.

I know we’ll be back to try their daily lunch specials. They served lunch from 11am to 4pm. And the Large 16-piece wing, small fry, and large drink would be perfect for the two of us to split. It might be a little bit more than $10.15 because I usually order extra celery to go with my wings.

Buffalo Wings and Ribs I give you a big 99 forks out of 100. I do like the atmosphere, no smoking. The food was perfect and served fast, with a smile.

Oh sand between my toes how I miss you so!


Until next time, taa taaaah.

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