Oooooooohhhhhh I just have to tell you where my little tubby hubby and I went to eat last Monday. We went to that kinda new restaurant on Bluffton Road next to Peter’s Body Shop —- Spyro’s. I guess it is really called “Spyro’s Pancake House.”

They weren’t too busy when we got there, just a steady stream of customers coming and going. We’ve been there before on different days and they were very busy then. We just happened to be out and about and stopped.

It is the most perfectest place to eat, especially if you like that breakfasty stuff. But they do serve lunch, too. Spyro’s is what Wayne calls “Eatin’ Good In The Waynedale Neighborhood.” That’s what the little genius rhyme maker came up with. He is so romantic and poetic you know.

Anyway, we stopped in about brunch time—-somewhere between breakfast and lunchtime. We were seated right away. The nice hostess led us toward a table first and we nearly got seated when she was told that it was taken. Soooo…then we were moved over to a booth near the windows. I told her it was okay to move, I needed the exercise. I called it my restaurant aerobics. How else am I going to lose any weight!

The air was nice and clean, and there wasn’t any stinky old ashtrays on the table either. I just wish those ladies behind us had used a little perfume. I could smell their nasty old cigarette smoked clothes the minute they walked in and sat down. I’d rather smell that old cheap perfume that my mother used to wear, then their old cigarette smelling clothes.

We had a truly sweet waitress. But then again we have never had a bad one there either. They all have a smile on their face and great personalities. But this one well…she was just a “peach” as Wayne called her. She kept coming over and asking if everything was all right. She always caught Wayne with a mouthful of food but then it would be harder for her to catch Wayne without a mouthful of food. Every time he would just shake his head up and down and food would start flying. I think that if she had asked him a question with a number in the answer, he would have stomped his foot that many times, the pony-sized little darlin’.

The only restaurant that comes close to serving as many yummy breakfasty things is the IHOP way up north in Fort Fun. That’s too far to drive! I like it that we have something so close and much yummier.

We both ordered water and coffee to start out, which came right back at us. We placed our order after trying to decide on either pancakes, crepes, French toast, eggs, or oatmeal. Finally I ordered the French toast-Texas-sized. You can get it your way—regular sized or Texas sized or with raisins. I didn’t even get to finish my first cup of coffee when our order came. I like to smear real butter all over my French toast and then put those apple slices on top with the syrup last. Wayne puts as many pancakes together as he can stack and then when there is no room left for the butter and syrup, he cuts a whole in the middle of his mile high stack and pours all the syrup he can get his hands on in that hole, along with orange sauce. And then…he asks for more syrup!—-the sweet little cuddle muffin. He ordered 4 pancakes, 3 eggs, and sausage. It almost made me sick watching him put all that away. Well, he got it all down with a double order of their awesome fresh-squeezed orange juice, coffee, and water. I’ll never get those orange sauce stains out of his shorts let alone his brand new Orvis fishing shirt he got for Christmas from the kids. That messy little darlin’ needs to wear a raincoat or something when he eats. You know I just love the way his chubby little jowl goes up and down when he eats.

I am giving the owners, Jean and Sam Giatros, 99 and one-half forks out of 100 just for coming up with this great idea! They ought to start a chain of these restaurants. I just know everyone everywhere would just love them, we did. They are open 7 days a week, from 6am to 3pm. If you get a chance, by all means, try Spyro’s. Ooooohhhhhh, and they have the best coffee and there is plenty of it!

Well, it’s time to go take my walk around the block. Wayne goes too. I told him it was good for his heart. It is Heart month you know.


Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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