The Core


In today’s society the world of health and nutrition is taking off. It seems as though everything starts on the west coast as a sort of Hollywood trial to everything they can get their hands on to remain healthy and youthful, and then it works its way towards us. From Botox to plastic surgery people are paying thousands of dollars to achieve their “health and beauty” cravings. When you are watching TV or movies have you noticed that most actors look like their body’s have been sculpted by an artist? What you don’t see is all the money and time they spend with professional trainers who have them go through hours of workouts and diet/nutritional training to help them achieve their goals. Well, the secret to this can be found at no other place than, for example, Wal-Mart or other Superstores. Now for some people I know it is not this simple and a-lot of these Hollywood stars had surgery done, but the idea is what I am trying to get across today.

In your body, every joint is in some way or another surrounded by a group of muscles which are considered the “core”. Now this core is what allows us to stand upright as humans, keeps our joints in check with gravity, and helps us move. For example, the core of ones shoulder is the rotator cuff. If you tear or damage any of these muscles, or if they just don’t “fire” correctly, then one’s shoulder can be weak and unstable. Have you ever wondered why weightlifters wear a lifting leather belt around their waist? Well, yes it helps stabilize their back, but what you might not know is that it is mimicking the function of one of your most important core muscles, your transverse abdominal muscles (which runs from the bony aspects in the front of your pelvis to your belly midline). This muscle along with your diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, and deep back muscles (multifidus lumborum) make up the core of your low back. When these are functioning right, it can help prevent lower back injuries.

So how do we combine looking good and strengthening our core? Well the trick is to do your workouts on a physio/yoga ball which you can get at most superstores for $12-20. Inside you can find instructions on how to use the ball with some exercises. The reason this works is that by using an unstable surface, like the ball, helps those core muscles to fire more often and thus strengthens them. On the outside you are also working the outer “show” muscles. Doing this, along with proper nutrition/diet, one can improve their health along with their figure. And when you use the ball you can get creative and use weights to help increase strength also. I have access to a DVD workout video if anyone is interested (a 24-minute workout). Just give me a call at 260-459-2205 or e-mail me at drnill@nillfamilychiropractic.com if you have any questions.


Thank you and have a healthy day.

The Waynedale News Staff

Dr. James Nill, D.C.

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