Oooooohhh I just have to tell you, I’m back. Wayne and I went south again. We’re looking for someplace to retire to where it’s warm the year around and we can sunbathe au natural. I think it looks tacky to have to put on a sweater to keep your shoulders warm when strolling the beach barefoot up to our chins. We do have matching cardigans so it isn’t too bad. At least we have a pocket to carry our car keys.

We came back and learned that Ray McCune was down sick and that he didn’t get to go deer hunting this year. I called him and told him that being sick is a pain in the butt and then he told me that he wasn’t sick, and that he had a pinched nerve root and that was where it was pinched. Oh dear, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded and I apologized. It’s a good thing he has a little since of humor.

Wayne and I haven’t been out to eat since we got back but we were invited to go to someone’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. And we did have a really good scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. For the first time ever, I ate a deep-fried turkey. Well I didn’t eat the whole thing by myself but if it had lived it would be running around on one leg with one wing and no Pope’s nose, which next to the leg and the wing, is the best part. Is that the correct term? That’s what Wayne calls it. Anyway it’s the part that goes over the fence last. There that’s better.

Anyway, our friends did deep-fry it in peanut oil after marinating it by injecting it with butter sauce and Cajun seasoning for a day. It was soooooo goooooood I wanted to kiss Wayne in the mouth, and in public.

Our friends said they bought their deep fryer at Maynard’s on sale for about twenty dollars. I want Wayne to buy one and learn to cook with it. I understand turkeys have a lot less calories when cooked this way and that’s what we all want, more food with less calories, isn’t it?

Ooooohh and they also fixed two kinds of chicken wings in the fryer (Cajun flavored and garlic butter/hot sauce flavored), after they did the turkey and they were soooo good, I could have easily eaten a dozen instead of 6 each. I just loved those chicken wings.

Wayne was a mess. It’s a good thing I thought ahead and took an old sweatshirt for him to wear when he was eating wings. After I cleaned him up I just threw the sweatshirt in the trash and let him put his white shirt and tie back on. I made sure he was through eating. I should have let their dog just lick him clean and save the sweatshirt for when we go out to eat in public.

The rest of the meal was good also and I told them that next year we would have them to our place for Thanksgiving, if we haven’t moved south by then. I said that if we have moved, they can just come down for a visit and we’ll cook out on the beach and go for a stroll after dinner. They seemed reluctant to accept our invitation for some reason or other. I told them that I was sure Wayne would have the deep fryer mastered by then. I don’t think that was their reason for being reluctant . . . Personally I don’t think they want me to see their mismatched cardigans.

Oh well, by the next issue, Wayne and I should have some exciting restaurants to talk about and Ray, well, what can I say other than just get well soon honey, no matter where it hurts, and NO I won’t kiss your boo boo. We miss you anyway. Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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