Ooooooohhh I just have to tell you. Bertha and her Tubby Hubby Wayne are on vacation again! I wonder where she went this time? I heard that Captain Neil from St. Thomas Island wasn’t coming back to Waynedale until later this year. Maybe, she’s sailing with Neil. Wow, I need a job like she has. And Ray, Mrs. Waynedale’s ‘First Choice’ Stand In (Roadie) called the office this week telling us that he was calling in sick all this week. His story…was that he pulled a muscle cleaning leaves out of the gutters. But we all know better. IT IS the start of deer hunting season, isn’t it?

Anyway, so I’m stuck with Mrs. Waynedale’s column. So (grrrrrrr) bear with me. It shouldn’t be too difficult since I know I won’t have to worry too much about grammar and spelling. I still do edit her column when it comes in, even though Microsoft Word’s spell check gives up. For example, I do recall one incident where I was glad I did some editing. Mrs. Waynedale was reviewing church dinners. She was describing in her column the raising of St. Therese’s bell tower. “A bell tower was erected on the new church to house the hell from the original church…(suppose to be “house the bell”). Glad I found that one.

Okay back to what I’m supposed to be doing. One of my mostest and favoritest bestest eating establishments (remember I can spell like this) is Hall’s Original Drive-In on Bluffton Road. I like Hall’s because it is always neat and clean, and the waitresses are so polite. They fill your coffee cup up the way you want it – full or “2-finger”. Chuck, a regular patron, tells me that’s the way you order whiskey too. Another reason I like Hall’s is because if you sit at the counter, even if you just have a cup of coffee, by the time that you leave you are assured of knowing everythin’ that’s happenin’ in Waynedale and more. I think somebody ought to write a book about that counter crowd.

Anyway, after finishing my day at The Waynedale News and a couple more hours taking care of horses at a nearby stable, I was hungry. I tried their Filet Mignon Steak Dinner. You have a choice of two sides. You can choose from: potatoe (fixed just about anyway you can imagine), applesauce (with or without cinnamon), cottage cheese, lettuce salad, soup, fruit, macaroni and cheese, rice pilaf, cole slaw, vegetable of the day or jello (with or without whipped cream). My choice was applesauce with cinnamon and the vegetable of the day. It is green beans today. All their dinners also come with a warm roll and garlic bread and butter.

The menu says Filet Mignon “The most tender cut of all, broiled to your liking.” I’ll say, it was delicious. Broiled just the way I like and so tender too with that grilled flavor.”

A gentleman across the counter ordered a piece of butterscotch pie. Boy, did that look good! And he said it was too. Hall’s always has good desserts. I was full, but there’s always room for dessert. Right? I like their Michigan Black Bear ice cream too. One day I received it by mistake. I had asked Melissa, the waitress that always includes her artistic version of what you ate on your bill, what kind of cookies they had. She said Michigan Black Bear. I said okay, I’ll try one. She brought me a “dish” of Michigan Black Bear “ice cream”. She misunderstood me. I wasn’t sorry though. It was really good! It is a vanilla ice cream with a little raspberry swirl and tiny chocolate raspberry filled cups. Kinda like those Reese’s peanut butter cups but a miniature version with raspberry. Anyway back to that butterscotch pie. By the time that I was finished with my butterscotch pie, at least two more customers had ordered a slice. By the way, Hall’s is currently out of the Michigan Black Bear ice cream-I think I ate it all. They are serving Rocky Road now.

Hey Ray, this would be a good place for some of those hungry deer or turkey hunters you’re always talkin’ ’bout. You sure do get plenty to eat.

I’m sure hopin’ Mrs. Waynedale is back next issue. Well, until next time. “Taa. Taaa”

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