Oooooohhh I just have to tell you, I have never liked Papa John’s Pizza and for two reasons. #1-I don’t like ‘thick’ crust pizza (carbs you know) and #2-I can’t seem to communicate with people that have a foreign accent (I’m hard of hearing and can’t keep up with someone talking fast with an accent. I have to try to figure out what they are talking about. I was never sure if what I ordered was what they were making for me to take home. Wayne didn’t fare any better. Of course this was a year or so, maybe a couple or more years ago.

I have since changed my mind, or I should say my little tubby hubby Wayne changed my mind for me, the sweet patient understanding little dear. He pulled their ad (that I automatically throw away) out of the trash and looked at it. It said that you can now order pizza on line from your computer AND they had coupons. Well now “. . . coupons,” got my attention. It has always cost twenty some dollars to order two large ‘thin crust’ pizzas from another pizza place here in Waynedale. Papa John offered a coupon for one large (my choice of thin crust) pizza with everything and one large (again my choice of thin crust) pizza with two toppings (we ordered pepperoni and Italian sausage) and we could do it on Wayne’s computer without having to talk to anyone and we could take our time without being rushed. Wayne said he could order it in his underwear and I think he did, the little teaser stripper.

Wayne ordered the pizzas on his computer and got in the car. I made him get back out of the car and put some clothes on. The little dear forgot. He drove to Papa John’s (about 5 minutes away), paid for the pizzas, and was back at home in less than 15 minutes. The other pizza place took a lot longer. After he ordered the pizzas and drove there, it took at least 20 minutes of waiting after he got there and one time they lost his order and he wound up waiting a total of 40 minutes. Papa John’s is a lot faster.

Ooooohh and the pizzas from Papa John’s were sooooo good. I must admit that I don’t normally quaff a brewski, as Wayne puts it, but one of those did go good with the pizza. I’m not sure just how many calories are in one or in a pizza for that matter so I pretend they don’t even exist for at least one evening. I had two or maybe it was three. It was such a lovely evening.

Wayne said that the people he got the pizzas from spoke perfectly good English and he didn’t have any trouble communicating with them either. He said they didn’t look foreign either. I know this is a big plus because I would hate to order a two topping pizza and wind up with anchovies and limburger cheese. Yuuuuckkkkk!! To me that would smell like an outhouse and no amount of brewskis would get me to eat something that smells that bad.

Wayne said that we could have just walked to get the pizzas but I said that as quick as they put them out we actually need a faster car. I would like for him to buy me that new baby blue Bronco we were looking at. I don’t think he will do it just to get pizzas faster but then you never know. I think it would be a thrill to do it in a 4-wheel with him.

Knowing Wayne, he would probably try to eat pizza in the Bronco while 4-wheeling and get sauce all over everything like he did in my car and we were parked in our driveway at the time. I think everyone should try it in their driveway at least once.

Wayne says to just get on your computer and go to PapaJohn.com. It will give you the menu, the specials or coupons of the day, and let you place your order. You can even change your mind. Oh, oh, oh, AND if you want to order the same thing(s) later, all you have to do is hit one key and it will order the same thing(s) you ordered last time. Wayne said to have your track shoes on when you get the menu, hit the key, and run for the car. He said that he has yet to get there before the pizzas are done; they are always waiting for him. I said, “Try it once without slowing down to put your pants on and you might make it.” If you want some good pizza, just go to Papa John’s and tell them Bertha sent you. They’ll throw in a couple of mild peppers and some cute little spice shaker packet thingys for free.

Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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