“Oooooohhh I just have to tell you, I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaak. We went south to get away from the cold and hoping our head colds would clear up. Now we’re back and I think the colds were just waiting for us to return. If we had known that all this old white stuff was going to greet us, we would have stayed a while longer. We may have had to stay down there until July before it got warm up here. I just love basking in the sun ala natural. I do have to be careful of lately. I’ve developed so many wrinkles that the sun doesn’t get into my skin folds and when I get up and walk around I look like a zebra. Only the tops of my wrinkles are tanned and the insides are white. Is there no compromise? Well at least I don’t have bikini lines or a white spot where my thong fit. I only wear it for dinner anyway. And as you know when the sun goes down it does get chilly.

We drove right into the snow on our first night back. We had cleared the refrigerator out before we left so there wasn’t anything in there but margarine and a box of baking soda. It was too late to fix a really good meal from our freezer and I didn’t feel like junk food so we stopped by Lee’s Chicken on Rudisill. It was a little out of our way but then what’s a few more miles after what we went through getting here in the snow?

They had a special on that night. We got two extra crispy three-piece chicken dinners with two sides (cole slaw & green beans), a biscuit, butter, honey, and a packet that had napkins, a wet-nap, a knife, a fork, and a spoon in it for $3.99 each and we got them to go. My hungry little tubby hubby Wayne also ordered a pint of livers and a pint of gizzards to go along with our meals. He knows that he can get to my heart, and other places, by pampering me with those two foods, the loving little devil.

I wasn’t all that hungry so we put some of the chicken back for a meal later on. The later-on meal turned out to be about an hour after Wayne finished supper. If there is food in the refrigerator Wayne will find it and finish it off before bedtime and then he wonders why he has to look for the Pepsid in the middle of the night. I only had two pieces, a few livers, and a biscuit before bedtime. It was a one Pepsid night.

We were missing the beach so much that we laid in front of the fireplace sans clothing but it just wasn’t the same as being down south and lying in the sun. I do wish we had stayed down there a while longer. I don’t think Bobby Stark would have minded; he had Ray to do the restaurant running for me and he paid him extra; I just know he did.

We enjoy Lee’s Chicken so much. I just wish I could cook chicken like they do. I think it is a delicious bargain but only if there’s a special going on. We enjoy their livers and gizzards also. I’ve tried frying those things but they come out burned, or raw and the gizzards are always tough. I just don’t know how they do it and get them so tender. You just keep cooking Lee and we’ll keep buying. I do wish you’d put out some Senior Citizens’ coupons for us fixed incomers.

Anyway we’re getting settled in and I’ve only had the sniffles once. Wayne on the other hand has had the sniffles, the chills, the sneezles, the chill blains, and he got an earache from going to the Legion without a hat. I told him not to go out but, oh no, the little twirp wouldn’t listen. What is a wife to do? I’m going to try to talk him into going back south and stay until July. If I pull all my skin to one side and fasten it with a spring clothespin then maybe I can even out my tan. At least I won’t be striped like I am now; you should see me without my clothes. So until next time, Taa Taaa.

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