Oooooohhh I just have to tell you that Wayne, my sweet little tubby hubby, and I have been at home for the last two weeks. Mostly we’ve been nursing the sniffles and trying to keep warm. Wayne got a set of camouflaged sweats (pants and shirt) for Christmas and he had them on and was leaping from room to room, with the grace of a pudgy ballerina. He had his arms outspread and shouting, “Can you see me now? Can you see me now?” like he was supposed to invisible or something, the little twerp. After he leaped around for a while he had to stop and wipe his nose. He wore a handkerchief around his neck and had his old Stetson hat on. All he needed was a pair of boots and he would have looked like a deranged cowboy wearing sagebrush pajamas doing the Swan dance. I will have to admit, it did turn me on. I think he is so sexy – at times.

After two week inside and eating food from the freezer, I had the urge to have something different. We decided to go to the Waynedale Bakery and get some of their biscuits and gravy. They do make the bestest gravy around. I do wish they’d serve some of those ‘whomp’ biscuits that Ray McCune keeps talking about. He said his brother named them that. I found out that they are just those tube biscuits that you ‘whomp’ on the counter to open them and then you just bake them on a cookie sheet. I’ll bet they’re not as good as my ‘Scratch’ Biscuits only they would be a lot easier. I could ‘whomp’ them on Wayne whenever he did something wrong. We would probably be eating biscuits three meals a day . . .

Wayne got persnickety after we got there and ordered one of their grilled cheese toasty thingys. I wish he’d just ordered a plain cheese sandwich. He tore it open trying to get his pickle inside and got melted cheese all over his sweatshirt. It had so many greens, grays, whites, browns, and yellows on it that you couldn’t tell the cheese stains from the slopped mustard. He even splashed some of my gravy on his sweat pants. I didn’t even notice it until later when we got to messing around in the front room and it got on my pinquay. I hate it when that happens; it’s so uncomfortable. It’s a good thing we had gotten our order to go.

I just love the Waynedale Bakery and especially their marked-down stuff. I think doughnuts leak out all of their calories after they set for a day so I just know they aren’t as fattening. Hey it stands to reason doesn’t it? Oh and they do dunk so good in coffee. Wayne has to eat with a bib because he tends to hesitate in the middle of his dunking and the thing falls off. I told him to keep it moving and don’t hesitate in the middle of a dunk but he never listens, and I mean NEVER. Maybe he’s paying attention, because now when he dunks, he does it quick and gets it over with. I find that the older I get the less I like to do it that way. I would rather have a long slow dunk myself; I enjoy it much more. It helps to use a spoon.

I give Waynedale Bakery a big healthy 97 spoons for their warmness to us seniors, their good food, and their No Smoking policy. I do think that I gained two pounds just smelling the great baked goods they make right in their back room. I do hope the new owners keep up the tradition of serving lunch; it gives us older generation someplace to escape to during these pent up wintry days. “Until next time, Taa Taaa.”

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