“Oooooohhh I just have to tell you, this week I’m writing Mrs. Wayne W. Dale’s column for her because she packed up her tubby hubby and went to where, as she put it, “The sunshine can flow all over my body like life giving rain to a tomato plant,” and referred to her tubby hubby as a luscious little turnip. I’m not sure what all that meant but I think she is going to one of those FREE BEACHES down south where all you have to wear is a smile. She told me to go out to eat and then report on what I had, where I went, and etc., like she does. I said I would but I’m sorry I don’t have the flair for writing about that stuff like she does. She has been down with the cold or flu or whatever for the last few weeks and she said that she needed to get away to where it’s warmer for a while and maybe the coldness would go away. I certainly hope so. She asked me to go to the newly renovated Hall’s Restaurant on Bluffton Road that used to be called PARK PLACE. It’s now called Hall’s Food Factory Express. They have either dine-in, take out, or drive-thru.

My wife Joanne and I were busy working around the house and we didn’t feel like getting dressed up to go out so she sent me to Hall’s to “. . . pick up something and bring it back.” I went. I’m impressed with the way they have turned things around in there. There isn’t any salad bar any more. You have to order what you want and go set down in their newly decorated dining room. There are no waitresses that I could see. I was only there for a few minutes to order their Saturday Special of the Day, BBQ Ribs for $4.99. I got two orders to go.

Here is where I have to hand it to Hall’s for their honesty. The bill came to $10.58; I gave the girl behind the counter a $20 and 58 cents change; I didn’t wait for my money. I went out, got into my car, and started towards Save-A-Lot to buy milk. I looked and only had $1 in my billfold. I went back to Hall’s and they checked the receipts with the tapes and returned my $10. Thank you Hall’s. As a Boy Scout leader I appreciate your honesty.

Back to the meal. I ordered two orders of BBQ ribs, and four sides all to go. I got baked beans, Cole slaw, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some of the best spicy French fries I’ve had in a while. The meals also came with sweet corn muffins, butter, tableware, and napkins. Joanne and I were ready for a Stop-Work-Take-A-Break Picnic. We poured ourselves two cups of coffee, turned on the TV to watch the news and dug in to the delicious food.

Mrs. Wayne Dale gives out so many forks, spoons, or what-have-yous to the restaurants for their service, food, and etc. I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to say, if you like BBQ Ribs, go to Hall’s. But the sad part is that they only serve them on Saturdays, I was told. They are spicy, not too hot, not overly sweet and they have a nice smoky flavor. Oh, and you get a generous portion along with two sides in every take-out box. They also have a very impressive menu with dozens of other choices and you can take a copy home with you.

I was surprised to learn they still serve the Big Buster hamburger. That is good and I must stop in and get one the next time. I’ve always liked them, even before they were called that. Back in 1958, I worked for Hall’s Original Drive-In right next door when Don Ferree (sp) was the manager and Bob Fairweather was the assistant; Lester ran this one. Hall’s Restaurants were competing with the Big Boy double-decker hamburger at that time. They came up with their own double-decker but it didn’t have a three-piece bun, only double patties and the best sauce I think, of the two. The three-piece bun must have been adopted while I was away in the service. At any rate, I think the Big Buster is good when ordered with a big plate of their onion rings which, in my opinion are the best around.

I noticed that they must bake cakes for customers also. The ladies in front of me had picked up a cake with white and black icing. It said, “Happy 40th Birthday Mike.” Sooo from the staff of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE where ever you are; I hope you had a Happy 40th, if that’s possible.

Ok, if you want good food, at reasonable prices, served by honest people, then go to Hall’s on Bluffton Road. So, like Mrs. Wayne Dale might say, “Until next time, Taa Taaa.” Gee I hope she gets back soon; I’m not cut out for these restaurant reviews. It’s hard to make up my mind as to what I should order; IT ALL LOOKED SO GOOD!

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