Oooooohhh I just have to tell you I really didn’t go anywhere over the holidays so I can’t really tell you about our current eating habits or any new eating establishments in the area. We stayed at home and visited with our children, grandchildren, and grand dogs the whole time. The cat stayed in hiding and we thought she was going to starve but she survived being wooled by the little ones.
Oh we so enjoyed the Christmas snow and since we didn’t have to go anywhere we enjoyed it that much more. Our littlest grandchild (3 years old) lives in the south and has never seen snow. He squealed with glee when he tried to make a snowball like his dad but changed to screaming and tears when his hands got cold and started to burn. After that he wore his mittens.
You’d think Wayne would be out of the childish snow playing stage by now but he’s like one of the kids. He got just as wet as they did and I had to change him into warm dry sweats when he came inside.
And of course he had to have his hot cocoa like the little ones only his had an extra liquid ingredient in it. I’m having two or three the same way while I’m writing this column. Wayne said that I didn’t even go out in the cold to ‘earn’ it but what does he know? Now I suppose I’ll get a lot of hate mail from all the do-gooders in the area about drinking and carrying on in front of the grandchildren. It’s ok because my daughter/daughters-in-law did the cooking. SO GO AHEAD; MAKE MY DAY.
I don’t know why some people don’t like the way I write because all I do is go out to eat and report what I see and hear and how the food is and what the waitresses are like and give forks, and how much it costs now-a-days to eat out and how we get by on a fixed income and the cutesy things my little old tubby hubby Wayne does and all and what places have smoke-free places and how I hate the nasty old things and I like to play footsies under the table with my little old tubby hubby Wayne and I love him even though he is messy and he’s so good to me and I really should presheate hme mmmmmore

(Ed. Note: Mrs. Wayne T. Dale will return next issue with a visit to a local restaurant in the area like always. She and hubby Wayne wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year in 2003, so as she would normally say, “Until next time, Taa Taaa.”)

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