Owners Roy and Laurie Duff from Gio’s.
Owners Roy and Laurie Duff from Gio’s.

Oooooohhh I just have to tell you what has gone on since my last column. Wayne and I have healed up nicely thank you so very much. I think the cards and letters we received from you good folks in Waynedale and the surrounding area helped. Bobby Stark even got a concerned phone call from California inquiring as to the state of our health. It was from a widower who was awestruck with my picture at the head of my column I guess; he just wanted to know how Wayne and I were getting along and he said to hurry and get well, the dear sweet man. It was so nice of Bobby Stark to deliver the cards and letters to us although we dared not let him in the house since we still had the flu and all, not to mention the fact that Wayne and I were both naked at the time. I really don’t think Bobby’s heart or mind could have taken a double shock like that.

We were so miserable with the flu that we caught from our annual flu shots that we were desperate to try anything that would give us comfort and relief. We got out the sun lamps and took our clothes off. We figured some good old synthetic sun would chase the flu away. One neighbor called demanding we pull the shades and I know the mailman won’t be the same after I had to sign for that package, and we haven’t seen the cat since it arched its back and ran for the dirty clothes chute that goes to the basement. Other than that I think the lamps helped. I know it made me feel so warm and so freeeeeee. Wayne just kept watching the stupid ball games on TV.

Anyway we did finally get to feeling better and decided to go to Gio’s to eat lunch one day like I promised you last time. We were tired of orange juice, Jell-O water, and chicken soup. We got dressed and walked to the restaurant; it’s less than three miles from our place you know and we thought the walk and fresh air would do us both good. We did bundle up real good.

Wouldn’t you know it; the parking lot was full and there were cars and trucks parked on both sides of the street for two blocks. We didn’t even try to go inside. Later we found out there was a lingerie show going on; it was Wednesday, I think. I think we should have gone in anyway; I need some new underwear. Some of mine have holes in the knees just above the elastic. I know Wayne could use some new BVD’s. He wears the old one piece short sleeve, short leg kind with the slit in the back. My mother-in-law made them for him up until she died awhile back. She made enough to last him for four or five years and now they’re getting thin behind. I wish I could get him to wear the kind that Clint Eastwood wears. I think he is sooooo sexy.

Anyway we tried several more times only we drove our new car in case we couldn’t get in. Sure enough it was good that we did. We couldn’t get in on Monday night because of the football games and the free pizza. We couldn’t get in on Tuesday or Thursday because of the Karaoke and I already told you about Wednesday. Weekends were out of the question because of the pool table action on Saturdays and NFL stuff on Sundays. Finally we tried through the week on a noon hour. We got in.

We ordered the ‘special’ and it turned out to be the most deliciousest grinder I’ve ever eaten. It came with a lot of golden French fries, a dill pickle half, and the biggest cup of coffee I’ve ever seen. And Gary, our cute bartender/server kept my cup filled. He kept coming back and filling my cup. He just couldn’t take his eyes off me. I found out later that I only had one eyelash on.

The Grinder was on a large toasted bun. It had a lot of delicious cheese and a whole pile of meat, large tomato slices and loads of lettuce. I’m not sure but I think the sauce had a hint of hotness to it. Anyway the sandwiches were sooooo good, the French Fries were the best, and the coffee was very good. Wayne left Gary a nice tip. You know he kind of reminds me of my cute little tubby hubby, only Wayne has a different haircut.

At first I was afraid that Gio’s was going to be a remake of the old Gio’s from the past but I was surprised that the inside was so nice and very clean. There were people smoking at the bar but I didn’t smell any of their old smoke. In fact the whole place smelled of fresh paint, new carpet, and fresh air. There’s a nice dance floor, 9 pool tables and 8 color TV’s all going at once. Everywhere I looked I saw Jane Hersha. I think she tints her hair. And talk about light. It was very lighty in there thanks to the great big set of patio doors in back. I sure didn’t have to squint to read the menu. Gio’s is the cleanest restaurant I’ve ever seen. I just love it. I asked about the sign that says to buy HOT SEX. Wayne got all excited until Gary told him it was a kind of liquor drink. I wanted to order one and tell all my girl friends that Wayne and I had HOT SEX on our noon hour, and in public. Oh, I could jus’ see their faces now. Wayne said we better hadn’t.

I give Gio’s and Gary the bartender/waiter a big bunch of forks but I’ll not tell you how many b’cause I want to go back and try their 99-cent chili dogs this coming weekend and then I want to try their 25-cent chicken wings and I want to go see their Pantie Show and I do so hope they’ll let me model some. Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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