Oooooohhh I just have to tell you about the Bob Ebbins Restaurant we ate in a while back. Every since I saw that commercial where the little boy mispronounces Bob Evans name, I’ve had the urge to go back there to eat. I’ve been to other Bob Ebbins, but I wanted to go to the new one at Jefferson’s Point. It opened not too long ago and since Tubby Hubby Wayne and I were over there spreading money from our pension checks around Christmas shopping, we decided to drop in over lunch time and see how their service and food was. We decided to go after the lunch rush.

We had the cutest little ol’ waitress and her name was Brandy. After shopping all morning and spending what amounted to as much as next month’s house payment, we could have used a snifter of liquid brandy. She was refreshing to talk to and she made our meal so pleasant. She is planning on going on to school and becoming a lawyer. I do hope she was kidding; I think she is too nice to be a lawyer. Well anyway the lunch hour was over and the other waiters/waitresses were busy decorating the restaurant for Christmas so she had time to treat us like ‘special’ customers. We did get special treatment and she was the loveliest little ol’ thing. Not bigger than a minute and she had reddish brown hair. I just know she must be part Irish.

We weren’t real hungry, just mildly hungry, but not too mildly hungry, just enough hungry to want to eat but not eat a big meal if you understand what I mean. Oh, I’m getting old I guess; I don’t express myself like I used to. Wayne says it’s a good thing I don’t; the last time I did, some old woman about 60 years old threatened to ‘deck’ me, what ever that meant. Wayne said, He figured it would be more than an old woman’s catfight. I wish he had let me alone; I think I could have taken her. And even if she did have a white cane; her dog seemed friendly. She told the Rent-A-Cop she didn’t want to press charges; she just wanted ‘a piece of me’. He wouldn’t let her but then he didn’t have to agree about her taking me. I told him with a remark like that I wouldn’t be buying any tickets to any of their balls. Wayne said they didn’t have any and that started a whole ‘nuther discussion. I got off with a warning since he was just a Security Guard and not a regular policeman; thank heavens.

Anyway, we were tired and hungry so we ordered two Sunrise Specials. Wayne ordered a bowl of their Cheddar Potato Soup to tide him over till the main meal arrived. We had some black coffee to perk us up and he shared his soup with me the romantic little soup sharer. We also like to play footsie under the table when we eat out. Anyway the soup was delicious and the top was sprinkled with chopped green onions and crumbled bacon pieces. I loved it but Wayne thinks the potatoes were in too big a chunks. I will have to agree there since we were eating it with a spoon it would have been better if the potatoes were about a quarter as big as they were. Anyway it was good.

Our order came and we each dived into a big plate of fried potatoes served with two over-easy fried eggs. I ate mine like a lady but Wayne, the messy little catsup connoisseur covered his with about a half bottle before he even tasted it. That’s wouldn’t have been too bad but he splashes when he dips his soup crackers in it. He ate his biscuits covered with jelly and I mean covered. You’d think he never gets any at home. Well he does get it at home and he gets plenty and he loves it. I let him have it whenever he wants it.

The biscuits had six sides to them. I’ve never seen six-sided biscuits before but they were good. I only have one more complaint if Bob Ebbins is listening, “Your potatoes were crunchy; not fried crunchy, raw crunchy.” Have your cooks leave them on the grill a little longer please. In fact why don’t you sample what you’re serving from time to time and I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened. I do like Bob Ebbins Evans and I plan to go back there every time we go shopping at Jefferson Point. And thank you Brandy for being such a good waitress but I suggest you put on a glove when you play with your kitty; he won’t scratch so bad. And thank you for talking me into ordering the pumpkin pie with the whipped cream; it was out of this world. I do hope Wayne left you a big tip; I’ll ask you about it the next time we’re there. Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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