Ooooooooohhh I have to tell you about a nice little hometown restaurant that Wayne and I revisited recently. We went for a drive and ended up in Markle, Indiana, just down the road a piece. We were hungry and I just happened to have my coupon box with me. I found a coupon for the Davis Family Restaurant so we parked the car and went in. I’ve reported on this restaurant before and they cut out my column and taped it to their wall.

It’s a nice friendly little restaurant. We expected a huge crowd since it was close to noon and we were right. We arrived just before the place filled up. Luckily we got to the salad bar before it got picked over. Everything was so fresh and the lettuce was nice and crisp.

We had ordered the chicken and noodle special and it came with the salad bar. Deed I could have just eaten my way through the salad bar and back and just left the chicken and noodles alone. I really didn’t need all those extra ‘carbs’ and calories. I just love salads.

Wayne on the other hand is addicted to grease, flour, anything fried, meat, anything salty, anything sweet, anything that my mother said was bad for him, BBQ, and eggs either fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, baked, or deviled. He used to just love to break raw eggs into a glass and drink them down. [YUCK]! Then someone told him about Salmonella and he quit doing that right away, let me tell you.

He still loves eggs though, as long as they’re cooked. He likes them with bacon, sausage, potatoes, ham, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, pork chops, in omelets, in crepes, in egg drop soup, as Toad In The Hole, in French toast, in egg pie, in a quiche, and if you have a way to fix eggs that I haven’t mentioned then by all means send it to me here at Bobby Stark’s office and I’ll see that Wayne tries it.

I guess I got started on this when I remembered about Wayne and the salad bar. They had all kinds of stuff to put on top of a salad. Wayne noticed the chopped boiled eggs and immediately started shoveling chopped egg over his lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, beets, and whatever else he had heaped on his plate. That thing he built must have been a foot high and it quivered. He would have made less of a mess if he had eaten it on the floor with his hands tied behind his back. I hope everything swept up off the floor with the vacuum and nothing got mashed into the carpet. All I can say is he just loves chopped boiled eggs, so restaurants in the area beware; now that Wayne has discovered them on the salad bar, he will be a potential menace.

I asked the waitress what kind of soups were on the menu. She said that had some good bean soup and since I’m a bean soup nut, I ordered a bowl. It was Navy bean soup with ham. It was delicious. Wayne ordered a bowl too. He had his soup eaten before I got to open my crackers. I wish he would eat his crackers ‘with’ his soup instead of ‘in’ his soup. I can’t describe how it looked other than it looked like a ‘smushed glub mess’ but he seemed to enjoy it.

I’ll give Davis Family Restaurant in Markle, 97 forks out of 100. I never give 100 and I always leave room for improvement. I dropped down another fork because they went and took my column down off their wall. I’m just kidding of course. Their food is out of this world good as far as I’m concerned and it’s cheap enough, and it gives Wayne and I a chance to go for a nice car ride. They can have the fork back.

I must give you a word of caution; they have a pie list on a black board that is very tempting. You mustn’t look at it. It will mesmerize you into ordering a piece of raspberry, or cherry, or Dutch apple, or one of their cream pies. You will eat the piece of pie and start looking again. You will order another and another if you’re not careful you will have eaten your way through the entire list. It happened one other time we were in there. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve just avoided looking at the blackboard from then on. Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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