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Ok, so I got elected to do HOMETOWN VIEWS this time. Mrs. Wayne Dale just got back in town and said she was sorry for not getting back earlier to do her column but she was having, “. . . soooooo much fun.” As you recall from last issue of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS, she and her “Tubby Hubby” went south on vacation. All though she wouldn’t tell us exactly where in the south she went (it was rumored she and Wayne went to a nude beach in Florida), she did have a nice tan and she said her tan was, “. . . all over.” I’ll take her word for it. I just don’t want to know that badly. As Jerry Seinfield would say, “Too much information.”

We have a new place to eat in Waynedale. Well, it’s not exactly new but they do have a new ‘crew’ in the restaurant, one of the managers told me. Kentucky Fried Chicken has taken on a new crew and a new look inside. I think the food has changed also. Way back when, and that has to be several years ago, I went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken on a Sunday and had a bad experience. I won’t go into it but it soured me enough not to go back until just recently.

I was greeted by Art Chapman, one of the managers. He is a tall good natured, smiling person. He made me feel right at home. How is it that I was back at KFC after all these years? My editor, Bob Stark, had cut the KFC coupon out of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS, handed it to me and said, “Go; eat some chicken and do Bertha’s column for her; she called and said she won’t be back in time to go to a restaurant and review it.”

I presented the coupon to Art and told him I wanted two of his two-piece Combos, extra crispy to go since I was on my way home. He smiled and asked me if I wanted to try the popcorn chicken and he handed me an open napkin with several pieces on it. I tried it and it was like falling in love all over again. It was delicious. I ordered a family pack to go.

The story doesn’t stop here; last night I went in again with the 10% off coupon and got a family pack and two extra crispy chicken breasts to go. Joanne had said she would make some salads and we had leftovers for side dishes. The chicken was out of this world. If you haven’t tried the NEW Waynedale KFC then I recommend you cut a coupon out of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS and head that way. Try the popcorn chicken and you too will fall in love with it. Don’t get it in your mind that the popcorn chicken pieces are like the chicken nuggets served up in other restaurants in the area. There is no semblance whatsoever, believe me.

Oh, and the inside of WAYNEDALE’S KFC even looks better. There’s no crowded counter like I remember it from before. The area is clean and clear. The crew seems acts happy and enjoys their work and you will be greeted by the man with a big toothy smile. Tell Art that Ray sent you and that you want to try a sample of his FAMOUS WAYNEDALE PORPCORN CHICKEN.

Until next time, when Bertha will be back to entertain you with her antics and tales of what Tubby Hubby and she has been doing, I’ll just close with, “Later.”

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Cindy, Bob, Rob, and Ray – The Waynedale News Staff - minus 3

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