Oooooooohhh I just have to tell you of the bestest time I had the other night at the TAKAOKA OF JAPAN steakhouse. The food was the deliciousist, the night was oooohhhh sooooo romantic, the atmosphere was just terrific, we didn’t step in any horsy doo doo like another time when we ate downtown, and Wayne bought me some flowers, a bottle of wine, and a large box of chocolates for a little romantic snacky poo party in the bedroom after we got back home. It was a very expensive night also but for what Wayne did, I can only say THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU! I felt like a two week old newly wed girl again. That’s how long it first took me to get a . . . well anyway, I just felt real good.

We had a reservation for 7 o’clock and when we sat down at that funny looking little bar table thingy, Wayne stuck his elbow in some spilled water that had a little grease in it. It took me three tries with some lighter fluid to get the spot out the next day. Oh, I could have just lambasted him for that. It was his brand new IU sweatshirt too.

We went with some relatives and one of them was having a birthday. Oh they sing you the happiest little Japanesey song and bring you a tall glass with ice cream and fruit and a sparkler that’s sparkling; it was so nice I cried. To think that her husband went to all that trouble just to say, “Happy Birthday.” I want Wayne to do that for my birthday next year. You must remember though, don’t eat the ice cream while the sparkler is burning.

They brought us the menu and I got the shrimp whatever and Wayne ordered the TAKAOKA Steak. They asked him how he wanted it and he said, “Just bounce it off the grill and drive it to home plate.” The thing came all cut up, because that’s the way the Japs do their meat so they can eat it with chopsticks. When Wayne got it, it was still moving I think. Anyway he likes his meat that way. He says it brings out the tiger in him, the little macho Tarzan. It must have worked.

Anyway we started out the meal with a bowl of soup, then had a salad with the terrificist dressing and then we had Zucchini and onions that were grilled together in a little oil and then we got a taste of some grilled shrimp and then the chef served the steak and my special shrimp. We even got to watch our Chef “makey flied lice”, that’s Japanese for ‘fried rice’ and it too was sooo goood. All the food was really good and that talented Japanese chef was something else.

His name was Mark something or other. He said he was adopted and given an American name. And funny! That man should have been on the stage; he was so funny. He just had us in stitches and he was so good with those knives and salt and pepper shakers and spatulas and he even speared a lemon behind his back with a razor sharp knife after he tossed it in the air. He was oh so good. He balanced an egg on his spatula and tossed it in the air and caught it with the spatula without breaking it.

Wayne tried some of those tricks the next morning when he was fixing breakfast. The clumsy little dear never heard of the word practice; he just thought he could do all that stuff. It took him an hour to clean the egg off the window after the ceiling fan caught it in mid air and turned it into raw egg rain. The vet said the cat would only have to have six stitches and Wayne shredded his pajama top in the back with the paring knife. After we got the kitchen cleaned up we got dressed and went out for breakfast.

Anyway, I thought the evening was a complete success; the lady liked her birthday party; we laughed until our sides hurt; for once Wayne was a dear instead of a complete disaster maker; we got to enjoy an evening out without having to cook; the food was the goodest; and Wayne will get new pajamas for Christmas although he only uses them for emergencies like in case of fire anyway.

Oh did I tell you we went dancing at the American Legion afterwards? We did and Wayne still has it. He put me in such a good mood. I think the Long Island Ice Tea and the delicious Buttery Nipples drink helped. Ok so we spent a little more of our pension check than we should have but what I experienced only comes every so often and honey it was worth it. Try the TAKAOKA OF JAPAN over HALLS GAS HOUSE restaurant downtown the next time you want to celebrate something special. I give TAKAOKA OF JAPAN 98 pairs of chopstick out of 100 for their great food and entertainment. Chef Mark honey, you get 99 pairs for your great chefiness and humor. Wayne sweetie, you get ’em all. Until next time, Taa Taaa.

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